Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chillaxin' in Charlotte

Many of you may have noticed that I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, and that is because I went on vacation to Charlotte, North Carolina.  ♥  

It all started when a friend of mine was talking about going to see a concert there and I, in passing, muttered something about never having been to a concert.  That's right.  25 years old and never been to a concert.  How ridonculous is that?  Apparently, it was totally absurd because she made a face at me that I am certain looks a lot like the one you just made...  :D  I got a lot of it (the face) up in Charlotte, too.  I am used to it now.  It's a combined look of fright, wonder and a uncontrollable urge to poke me with a stick-checking to see if I am, indeed, human.  No poking necessary, peeps!

So, last Wednesday, we started the long 7 hour trek with out littles (Charlie went with me, but Cayce stayed for school.. and Charlie's BFF, Eli, went).  We stopped once in South Carolina to feed the little monsters at a Burger King.  I have a cute *friends in crowns* picture, but it is on my phone and I'll be lacking the clues on how to get it from there to here.  Sorry.  We got into Charlotte at about 7:30 I think.  Then came the chore of unloading the car and getting the tiny boys into beds.  Charlie didn't sleep so well that night, but did great all the rest.  

Thursday was spent lounging around and the boys swung together in the matching swings in the back yard before we had lunch at Cheddar's with friend of Kim's.  After nap time, we did some shopping.  Target, Hobby Lobby and Ollies.  Now, all you crafters better acknowledge my awesomeness in that I only spent $10, yes $10, at Hobby Lobby.  Epic win for self restraint!!!!  I got a frame to make a memory frame for the boys; some scrapbook paper for a future room box; copper pots and a wreath for the Cottage.

                  Watching cartoons Thursday morning:  

Swinging together in the yard Thursday morning:

Strutting his stuff at Cheddar's, tummy full of lunch:

Chasing each other around the tree on the terrace:

Ready for bed on Thursday night:
Friday morning led us to Discovery Place- a children's science museum that is freaking amazing.  Loved it!  See pictures and marvel at the coolness and cuteness.

                                  Playing at the water table in the toddler area:

Filling up buckets is so amazing to babies!

He did this for quite a while! Everything on that water table is educational: 

Giant Lite Brite!!!!!!! 

Even toddlers need to know how gears work: 

He had put all the animals together correctly, but Kim and I undid them and made mutants:

Learning how to make a Kinex car to go on this ramp: 

Bad to the Bone, riding down the stairs...: 

Knock, knock on the horseshoe crab: 

Checking out the Dory fish.  He is standing on a toadstool-stool: 

Saying "Hi" to the blue macaw in the rainforest: 

   This cool gizmo thing showed them about conveyor belts and machines that do things for you:                         

Ann, I thought you would appreciate these lights.  They made me think of you:

And who would thunk it, but I got some mini time in while I was at Discovery Place!!

Friday night, INCUBUS aka my first concert.  Only two pictures made the cut.  Apparently, inebriation is part of the concert experience, so I did not wield the camera much.  :)  Most amazing experience I have had in a long time, if not ever.  It was awesome!

Saturday we did IKEA.  Ann, I am now totally understanding of your infatuation with this store and it's products!!!!  Also, kudos to you for capturing perfectly miniature EXPIDIT furniture. If you like IKEA stuff and want it in mini, totally go see Ann's stuff at her etsy shop.  Promise you, you won't be disappointed.  I spent $40 here and got some scores for me, the kids and the Christmas tree.  On Saturday evening we went to see some soccer playing, but it was way cold, so we didn't stay for long.

Sunday was lazed away in the house, followed by a trip to Monkey Joes and some more shopping.  This time at Ross.

The last two days kind of blur together for me.  I know we did some eating, some skating and a bunch more shopping.  Monday night, Kim took me Uptown and I looked like a tourist.  :D  Tuesday we went to the mall.  Happiness would have been all over me, but I went to the mall with only $9 to my name.  Sad face.

Monday Shopping:

Monday skating and park, before dinner and Uptown:

Riding his first Harley.  :D 

Look!!!! Autumn leaves!!!!  

Waiting around for some grilled chicken:

We finished the trip up with a playful morning and a trip to McDonald's with Kim's family before we left.  7 hours later, we were back in our homes.  Yea to be in your own home.  I wondered around in my underwear that night, just because I could.  :)  And I didn't use coasters.  :)  This picture here is getting framed.  They had so much fun and Charlie didn't know what to do without his bestie the next morning!!!  Good thing we see them 4-5 times a week!


  1. Hello! that beautiful child! They are adorable! Give them a kiss from me!
    xxx Caterina

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed Charlotte. I live just south of there in SC and work in Charlotte. Not often I see people mention my city on a miniature blog. :-) Loved the pictures.


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