Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let there be....


For the most exciting thing yet, I just installed lights in this house.  This is my first time ever!
I love it!

The kitchen light is a modified Houseworks light.    I trimmed out all the length and painted on the shade.  :)  Looking at it now, I wish I had painted the brass parts.  :/  Looks like I 'll be hanging out in my house, upside down!

The living room light is made from scratch.  I cut part of a package of beads to get the dome and used a bead from the package for the detail in the center.  The rim is made out of embossing foil and the shade is muted with gallery glass.  The living room will also get the lamp that is on the floor, but it will, clearly, go on a table.  :P

So excited!!!!


  1. Adding light to a room or house gives it so much more! Especially at night.

  2. The lights look great! That is what makes a dollhouse cool. Started adding lights to my Glenwood too

  3. Very impressive. Makes a great difference.

  4. wooohooo! it looks great! wonderful job dearie!


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