Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cozy Cottage Bathroom

Yesterday, with all the wind and rain, I stayed indoors and played with Charlie.  During his nap, I whipped out the wainscot for the bathroom and chose the wallpaper.  I also stoned the inside of the dormer and gave great thought to the lighting.  :)

There are no *step-by-step* pictures.  I totally spaced.  And, I am really new to the electricity part of doll house building, and was not ready to share my bumps and bruises. :D

So, the wallpaper is from Jennifer's printables.  It was originally this:

But I found that this was too colorful for what I wanted.  Enter!  I opened the page in and used the color change tool to turn all the yellow tones to a very light blue.  What I ended up with was this:  

If you don't have go to their website and download there program (it's free).  It is the best free photo editing software around.  There are several tutorials out there on the web, teaching you how to use all the different aspects of the program.  It's amazing.  :)

I also altered the paper that I will be using for the bedroom.  It was originally black:

The wainscot is made out of skinny sticks and some coffee stir sticks that I bought from Ann a few moths back.  They were all glued to a paper template so I could dry fit it while figuring out the layout for the light(s).  The paper that goes into the dormer is glued into the house, but not the dormer itself yet, since I need to grout and paint the stone still.  

I am thinking of going with either a painted white stone look or white marble.  Time to flip a coin!  The house is also going to get all white interior trim.  

The light was made to look like this one I found on google: 

I may put foil around it or something.  The Gun Metal paint I used seems too dark and not shiny enough....  not sure.

It is made out of woodsies, cut to size with an inner frame on top and bottom made out of 1/8" square dowel strip wood.  The inside of the light was painted white to reflect the light better.  I then glued a piece of acetate to the top and bottom on the inside.  A good sanding and then a few good coats of Gun Metal by Folkart.  The light bulb is inserted through the back and sandwiched in between to skinny sticks to keep it in place.  The excess wire will be covered up with the mirror and the light is currently just taped on so I can move it around later.  I am considering splicing another light in there since this one seems dim to me.  Then again, I may just go with the dim light.  :)


  1. The decorated floor looks very nice. Will it not be covered by all the things you put in the bathroom?
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  2. Nope. My careful strategic layout will keep it showing (mostly, I hope). I like a room to be just as pretty when it is empty. What I haven't mentioned in posts is that using mostly white is out of my comfort zone- so much! :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! Love the floor! Did you make your own stencil or is it handpainted?

  4. Thanks, Kathi! It was printed out on the computer and then I cut out the printed area with an exacto knife. Then I used a spray adhesive for stenciling to hold it down to the floor.

  5. These are some really cute ideas. I love your floral walls and would like to ask permission to use them in my Dreamhouse designs on Facebook. Your site will be credited as where I got the ideas, they will not be used in any other fashion. Just for me to create with and enjoy. I will not use them if u say it isn't what u want but I need to know soon. Thank u and have a creative day! :)

    1. That would be just fine with me. Thank you for asking and I appreciate the credit back. :) Feel free to link to me on Facebook, too, at

  6. Very beautiful. Printed wallpaper, now I've heard of that, but with the cost of ink I'm going to have stick with scrapbook paper and paint. Oh well, it could be worse!


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