Monday, November 29, 2010

♫ Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....♪

you really are so tiny! ♫

While I was at the show this weekend, I worked on several things and had nice chats with some awfully nice crafters next to us. They were so sweet and the guy even passed on tips to me getting a booth next year. :)

So, I made a tree. My very first one and someone talked to me about me making one for his daughter's dollhouse.

It took me a bit of time to get all the little lycopodium branches in there, but I love how it looks. Thank you to Casey and Tessie for showing me, and lots of other followers, how on their blog.

I also made a heap of books! These are all for the library I am doing for DHF for Christmas. Several have individual pieces of paper and a few are just foam core.

A thank you to Angioletta and her website for all the great book printies that she provides.
Some of them are also from Jim's Printables.

The rest of my time was spent working on a blanket for Charlie for Christmas and emptying my pockets of money. :)

I got myself a couple of bookmarks, a DIY scrapbook that I am going to add pages to and use on my trip home next year (pssst, Brae, I may be in Chicago at the end of June!) and some fabulous ornament earrings.

I also got two gifts for James' mom and another for his grandma. They are cute. There really was a lot of great stuff at this show!

Oh, and there was a guy making mini-flowers, but I don't have pictures of those ones because they are with DHM.

And one final thing, a friend of mine got these fabulous shoes and handbag a while back from a fellow mini blogger, and she is doing a giveaway!!! Go to her blog to enter for a chance to win the cutest tiny shoes you ever did see. If there were a mini Carrie Bradshaw running around, she would be all over this!


  1. Looks like I'm not the only one getting into the holiday spirit!

    Getting a booth for a craft fair sounds so exciting.. I hope you do it! Were there a lot of miniaturists in the Gainesville Craft Fair? If so, how well did they do? I think that would be a helpful indicator on how well you would do at a fair.

    I've been looking into setting up a booth at a craft fair myself, but I'm hearing that you need to have a huge stock and a display and such. Not good news since I can't seem to finish one project lol >_<

  2. There was only one (other than Jeremy) and he seemed to be doing well. He just made flowers. I was thinking about it because there was a lot of interest expressed from the buyers about buying accessories (which I make) and houses, but they were looking for something a lot cheaper than what Jeremy is selling ($25,000+).

    I was thinking I would redo the Coventry and sell it along with the Orchid and Washington and some accessories. Like price (a) for just the house and price (b) for it completely furnished and accessorized.

    *shrug* We will see. You really do have to have a lot to sell though.

  3. I will be over the moon if you make it here to Chicago for a visit! :D I love the tree and other minis you've done.


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