Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Farmers and Puppies and Corn, OH MY!

but first, a surprise! I got a present! I got a present! (read that in a neener, neener voice) **Edit: I had a really great rendition about how I got home and scared the mail man knowing that I was getting this today, but Blogger is being a nasty biotch and just messed it all up.*** RAWRG!!! So, cut to the chase now:

I received resin cast a modern bookcase from my friend Ann of Amazing Miniatures and Dollhouses go see her rad stuff at her blog. We originally met on the Greenleaf forum as we were constructing the same house. We bonded. And now she is a dear mini friend. :) I was working on something to send her when she asked me if I wanted one of these. Really, I don't know why she even asked. My answer was clearly going to be, "Duh!" :) Check it out:

If you like what you see, she is currently doing a give away for one of these on her Facebook. Win A Modern Mini Bookcase

You can enter for it twice by "liking" the page and/or commenting on the post about it on her blog. Hurry! You only have until November 19th!

She also has them for sale in her etsy shop, along with an Ikea inspired round table and chairs. I encourage you to go look and possibly get something, although I am holding out for that table. My unbuilt Washington 2.0 wants it!
Shops Ann's Amazing Miniatures on Etsy

So, I have to use every ounce of strength to contain my excitement and not rush off to work with the bookcase. I already know what house it will go in and what color it will be. Unfortunately, that house is not built yet and will not be happening any time soon. :(

Now that you know all about that, I haven't got much done mini wise lately. I have a couple commissioned paintings that I am working on; along with several Christmas presents. I am on project overload at the moment. And, because being a parent includes your kids having horrible timing: Charlie was recently diagnosed with salmonella poisoning and has been quite ill. This sickness is highly contagious, so we have been without playgroups and will be for a month or two more. This stinks. Literally. I have been pooped on more in the last week then I have the entire time I have been a mom. Rawr.

He is getting better though. Back to his normal cheerful self, just with vast amounts of nasty diapers. >:P

As for the passing of Halloween, we had a really good time. We went to the pumpkin patch on Friday, trick or treating in a little town on Saturday and then again around here on Sunday night. The boys really had a lot of fun, as did we all. We were joined by a couple of our friends and their little ones. Enjoy the pictures below!

Pumpkin patch where Cayce was a knight and Charlie was a ghost.

Saturday night, James and I were terrible vampires; Cayce was Tow Mater from Cars and Charlie was a bookworm, but all his books were off by the time we took this picture.

Sunday, I was a farmer with my little ear of corn. James was a dog catcher and Cayce was a puppy.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend and that you are all now having a great start to November. We are entering my favorite time of year!!! Happy holidays!


  1. Aww thanks hun! I'm glad you like it (even though it is a bit imperfect)!

    I'm sorry to hear about Charlie being all poopy, but I do hope he starts feeling better soon (and so you can stop getting pooped on)! And OMG Cacye looks so dang cute as a puppy!

  2. You're welcome!!! I really do love it. :) I saw that Brandy carried it over to her blog, too. You are all up in the sphere! Huzzah!

    The kids were uber cute the whole weekend. I am looking forward to decking them out with Christmas decor. :) Charlie is slowly on the mend. There has been less poopage. Doctor told us he has to get three consecutive "negative" results before being cleared. Starts in two weeks, once a week. Blah. So he is out for at least 5... pretty much the rest of the year. :(

  3. Hi Lissa,I love your minis.Mini regards from sunny Spain.


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