Monday, November 29, 2010

The fine eye candy of Jeremy Paul

I hope all my American friends had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day. Did you score some good deals on Black Friday?!

I had the extreme pleasure to help Jeremy out with his booth at the Gainesville Craft Festival this weekend. Never have I seen such fine miniature work in person. It is awe inspiring to see his houses towering over you. His scratch built tudor stands at 5'3" and is nearly 6' long!! Here is a quick rundown before I leave you to your drool:

  • The Victorian Mansion you will see is modeled detail for detail after a house here in Gainesville, Florida, known as the Sweetwater Branch Inn. It is a gorgeous B&B.
  • It was Jeremy's first attempt at building a house.
  • It is entirely scratch built and he uses cut to scale basswoood and real kiln fired bricks.
  • He has been working on it for 6 years and is not finished yet!
  • Each fire place has burned a real fire in it for 15 minutes at one point!

  • The Tudor is built from a sketch of his own design.
  • It has over 30,000 bricks; each of which he hand laid and mortared.
  • The parquet floor is also his first attempt and took him 4 months to complete.
  • The full basement features a hidden wine cellar with a movable door.
  • The wine cellar also features a hidden passage up to the library. An actual full on staircase!!
  • There are also cellar doors.
  • The flagstone driveway was hand carved into wood.
  • The carriage house features two doors and a swing out wall. It also has exposed pipe work, framework and electric.
  • Each color is a separate tiny piece and there are 2,000 of them, if I am not mistaken.
Gaze on at the beauty and poke the photos to see them bigger!



Thank you again, to Jeremy for inviting me along with him. I had a great time. Look for another post about my fun purchases and creations!


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  2. Wow... I'm speechless.

    My dad installs and finishes 1:1 scale hardwood floors for a living and I can't tell the difference between my dad's parquet and Jeremy's 1:12 version. Brilliant! His level of craftsman boggles my mind! If I were you, I'd probably had drooled over everything lol.

    Also.. I got your goodies in the mail this past weekend! I LOVE IT! Especially the paintings! (you know I've been ooogling them!) I've been wanting to blog about it but have been having some puter problems lately (I ought to blog about that too).

    But I just wanted to drop by to let you know and to thank you from the bottom of my heart! (I teared up when I got the package. hehe)

  3. I know, right?! His stuff is amazing and the pictures really just don't do it justice. Seeing it in person was another worldly experience. They. Are. Awesome.

    Like any artist though, he is hard on himself; sees all the flaws and none of the beauty that we do. He knows it's good though. One of the GL members that's in the UK told him he was spot on with the design.

    I need to put a link to his website.

    I'm glad you got your package! A big fat Merry Christmas to you. :) Maybe some decorations will inspire/motivate you to finish a house!!! heehehe

  4. What??!! A mini show in Gainesville, and I missed it? I live in FL too and had no idea! Thanks for sharing Jeremy's incredible masterpiece; I've been watching his work on the Greenleaf forum for some time and am always in awe of the detail and patience that goes into it. Amazing :)

  5. Very good! I think that you have done a great job! FANTASTIC!!!! Merbau Decking


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