Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!!!!

After a fabulous Thanksgiving Day, there was no shopping for me today. I can't deal with that craziness. Instead, I am hanging with the kids and thinking about baking even though it is warm. I know it doesn't snow here in FL, but it could at least by COOL so I could enjoy the holiday season properly.

I miss snow.

Welcome to wenlaine, Marta y Carla and Stephaniejo. Glad to have you following along in my sane craziness. =)

I have some more work done on the firehouse. I brought all the spray paint inside and let Cayce pick colors for the inside. Should be fun for him to see on Christmas morning! I used the ivory for the bottom and the loft area, serious and peaceful. The sunshine yellow he chose is in the entertainment area for the fire fighters. And the storage area in the top left is celery green. =) I still need to paint it on the outside, re cut the hole for the pole and put up some trim. Also need to paint the window trim on the inside.

We haven't decided quite yet if we want to put a door on it or not. That would be fine for Cayce, but I am concerned about Charlie trying to pinch his fingers off... we may just wait on that until he is a bit older.

Here's where we are so far:
The overspray there on the bottom will go away when we put some trim in. We were thinking of using out of scale wood (the whole staition is out of scale at this point) that way it could double as benches and shelving around the floor.

The ridge is still there on the bottom, but *fingers crossed* if I get a Trio or Max Power for Christmas, I will whack it off first chance I get. =)

An inside that a 3 year old will love! The second floor is the wood grain vinyl tile from Home Depot. The third floor is luaun plywood that has been stained. The first floor is painted with flat gray primer to look like cement.

The hole for the fire pole is drawn on there.... just need to get up and go cut it out. I will try to squeeze in some painting today.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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