Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scrambling and little to show.

I still have not done any more work on the Highland as of yet. I am trying desperately to work on it, but have entered into that time of year where I get really stretched. You know how when you get to much to do and your "plate" is too full, some people like to say that you have spread yourself too thin. Like, too little butter across too much bread. Well, currently, I am not even stick butter or margarine from a tub... I am that spritzy butter stuff! Weekends are taken up with fall events and preparation for the upcoming holiday season. I like to do crafty things with the boy, but have yet to do that this year. I have most of Charlie's costume done, but still have to do a pointy yellow hat for him. My little corn Cob. :)

Here is Charlie's costume so far: I added all the green leaves and such. The "corn" is painted giant bubble wrap. I am thinking about putting some dark green around the wrists and then he needs a yellow crocheted hat for his head.

Cayce's costume needs some altering. He is a bit to long in the torso for his puppy costume, so I will need to detach the head piece and make a collar for him. He also needs a treat bag and I still have to come up with costumes for James and myself. Oi. And the week after Halloween is DHM's birthday, and I am trying to get a gift together for her. I have all the components, minus a Christmas tree mini....

I have ever so slowly been working on a toolbox for the garage:

and I managed to turn out a few mini-paintings last week, which will be listed on Etsy eventually.

Now to get some more done, hopefully. ;)

PS: Welcome to the two newest followers: Lara and mini-babies.

Find Lara at http://larasminiatureworld.blogspot.com/ her blog is just wonderful! I will spend more time on it tonight. Thanks for following, Lara!

I couldn't find a blog for Mini-babies, but welcome to you, too. :)


  1. El traje de tu hijo esta quedandote genial, seguro que serĂ¡ un exxito.
    Los cuadritos me encantan.
    Has trabajado muchisimo.
    Besitos, May

  2. That costume is so darn adorable! What a cute idea :)


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