Thursday, October 28, 2010

Printer Acqusition=Great Progress!

On Tuesday, while out and about, I finally got around to getting a printer. It was a simple $30 thing at Walmart that would do what I needed it to do. It is a scanner/copier/printer and came with the ink cartridges ready to go. I was so excited! I did lots of printies right away. *dancing* So, this sparked new found inspiration to work on the Highland and I managed to get a whole lot done on it yesterday and today. I spent Tuesday evening up late installing it and printing out several pages of goodies. You will see several of them in the new pictures down below. I'm glad I got a lot accomplished, because mini's will have to go on the side for the next few days. We have lots of things planned with the kids for Halloween including 3 different trick-or-treats and parties, plus we still have to carve the pumpkins. In Florida, you really have to do that sort of last minute because of the humidity. Carve them to early and you have rotten piles of mush come Halloween!

So, I managed to do some fabulous printie brick work on the outside. I ended up doing this to cover up some problem spots on the side and it looked pretty cool. After applying them I had to do some touch up with the plaster and then another coat or two of paint. It looks pretty good.

The roof was completely shingled the other night. It is 150 grit sandpaper, painted black and cut into 1" squares.

The deck got covered in wood veneer strips and stained walnut/cherry.

I cut out a bunch of printies for the garage and have it nearly finished. It still has a few little things I would like to add (tools, jack stands, jack, spare parts, shop rags, hangers, laundry basket...). James would like to add a 1:12 scale motorcycle since it appears to be too small for a car. :) The tool board in the back is a picture of an actual tool board that is shrunk to size. The individual tools have a couple coats of clear nail polish on them to make them look 3D. That is something I learned from Kathie B of Kathi B's Minis. She used that technique in her fabulously awesome quilt shop. (Check out the supply rack behind the register)

The large table and tool box are made out of balsa wood and the small table/hanging shelf are parts of a dismantled potting bench.

I also made a hanging wall planter for the outside. It is made out Sculpey and is filled with ferns from floral tape and small flowers. Other than the railings and the garage door, the house just needs a few exterior touch ups and landscaping. Then I can move on back into the inside!

Enjoy all the eye candy below!!


  1. Your garage is looking pretty dang awesome! Go Lyssa!

  2. holy cow does that garage look fab! I especially love the stains on the floor :) Your tool boards look great- congrats on the new printer and have a really fun Halloween!

  3. Guess what?! Your Halloween goodies were shown in the Miniature Way mag!!!

    You're famous now!


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