Thursday, October 7, 2010

A nice Autumn day at the Lake

Wednesday is usually a day that James lets me get in some serious mini time, but this week we just spent time with the kids.

I had to make a drive 30 minutes north to Lake Butler, Florida, to pick up a rather nice, FREE, entertainment center to provide shelving for the kids in their room. Our total lack of monetary prosperity means I live and breathe thrift stores, craigslist and freecycle! Actually, even with money, I would buy second hand. I don't like to spend lots of money on "stuff." I would just buy nicer second hand stuff. ;) Anyway, we were only going to be about 10 minutes south of this great lake front park in Lake Butler, so we loaded up the kids, the thermal bag with goodies, camera and trailer; then set out for the day. We spent a couple glorious hours under the sunshine and in the breeze watching the boys play and discover. Cayce climbed all over the place and ran around like a maniac as all three year old boys should. Charlie sat in the park sand and repeatedly grabbed handfuls of it, watching it pour out through his chubby little hands. Every time it had all gone out of his hand, he would giggle, throw himself forward and grab two more handfuls! What a sight!

James tried to teach Cayce how to use the cool digging apparatus that was there, but he preferred to watch his dad do all the work! There was a bunch of swinging, running and sliding. Cayce even braved the big slide with me. Or should I say, I braved it with him? I am terribly afraid of heights. I think it has to do with my genetic predisposition of being close to the ground...though I have always wanted to be taller, I do not wish to be higher...

Charlie made sure to try out the grass before we left and Cayce made a friend. We did not venture out into the lake though. We were not dressed for it, and though some of my Northern dwelling friends may think that 75degrees and a nice breeze is excellent swimming weather, in Florida, it just isn't. Note the long sleeves on us!!!

We finished off the day with some power wheel riding and tractor riding. Just so you guys don't think I am totally deprived, I have been working on a mini project: I am currently making a toolbox for the garage. AND I made another sale on Etsy today. AND I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow when the polls open up for the CDHM Halloween Contest. I am eager to see everyone's entries and to see if maybe I win!!!!

Edit to this post: It is way late on posting! I need better focus right now!


  1. Que preciosidad de niños y que felices se les ve.
    Enhorabuena por estas minis.
    Besitos, May

  2. Your whole family is so adorable!!

  3. Thanks, Ann. I will share more cuteness of them soon. We are off to the pumpkin patch today!


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