Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CDHM Halloween Contest Results!!

Congratulations to Dianna Ibanez Martin (1st), Sandra Harris (2nd) and Cindy Teh (3rd). You all had great entries and I especially loved Dianna's. You can see their entries here at the CDHM contest site: Halloween Goodies

I'm a little sad that I didn't at least place, but I had a blast making my scene and really enjoyed it. I entered on a whim, at the last minute and really had no planning. It is now sitting happily at the family Barber Shop and will serve as a yearly decoration there.

Here are pictures of my entry: Wednesday's Wednesday Delights

The spread is to die for!

Who wouldn't want a candle holder/mirror like this for real?!?!

I made almost everything in this set. The bought and placed items are the broom, the wine goblets and the skeleton... oh, and the three round mirrors. Everything else is straight from scratch. I am so proud of that!

Lady Fingers, dipped in some, "Questionable" ranch... yummo.

Eyes of Newt... extra slimy. ;)

Everything you see on this table, including the table and the table cloth, I made from scratch. I really had a lot of fun coming up with the ideas. That little Jack Skelington cake was hard to do and I used tweezers, a lot.

The table cloth was just a piece of black cloth that I painted on. I found some orange fabric and fringed the edges to make the runner.

This is possibly my favorite piece out of the whole set. I think it's classic Addams Family, but I would have a display like this in RL.

Hope you enjoyed looking!


  1. Excellent Halloween display! Now when should we be there (in costume, of course) to enjoy the party?!! :D

  2. Que maravillosas Escenas de Halloween!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. I love it all!!! I especially love the cake with the different colors in the layers and the arrangement of black flowers is fabulous! You did a fantastic job :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I just need a great little Wednesday doll to go with it. ;)

  5. I am so stink'n impressed with it all. I love Halloween decorations and they are even more incredible mini style. Will you be selling these, or using them in your house seasonally? To fun!

  6. Johnna, this one will stick around. There are other things I am selling and I think I might have a go at seasonal items next year. You can see the stuff I have at my Etsy shop (Lyssa's Budget Mini's).

    And thanks!

  7. Ladyfingers? That certainly puts a new spin on finger food! (ok, I'll stop the horrible puns)

    Love the scene!

  8. Yeah, I laughed like a hyena when I came up with that, Ann. James thinks I have lost my marbles!

    He now thinks that it is a mini-sickness because LOTS of miniaturists have done that apparently! And here I thought I was being creative!


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