Friday, September 3, 2010

Post birthday celebration

So, remember my grand desire to get LOADS done on the house? Nearly FINISH the exterior?! Bahhhahahaha. LMAO. What crack was I snorting? I think, all I accomplished was the set of French Doors for the balcony, and they aren't even completed! Still all taped up from glue drying. Oops! So I will not show you pictures, yet.

I did get some rad stuff though! I hit the thrift stores with my sister and came away with some great fabrics. I'm itching to make a zillion sofas, but I need to stay on track!

Birthday loot included: a ton of kitchen stuff from mis padres. I am always needing new kitchen gadgets and there were several things that didn't make it out of my room mates clutches before James and I got together. I have steadily had them replace these items with cooler, better versions. I also got a full four panel set of Eclipse curtains from them. Hooooorrrrraaaaaaaaaay! I love those curtains. Hopefully, they will do their job and save me some green at the end of the billing cycle. The electric bill has been murder this summer. They had also come across a wood carving kit that Mom thought would be good for my mini creations. She is probably right! There gifts were topped off with a pair of Tone Ups, by Sketchers. Heavenly comfortable sandals they are. :)

My awesome rocking sister took me shopping and I made a killing: tons of fabric, yarn, trim, wooden boxes, paint, clothes, make up, dyed my hair, fabulous lunch at Moe's Burritos, a giant blanket that feels like a cloud, yoga kit, books, books, books, old school Disney movies and then she topped it all off with Date Night. Loved that. James and I haven't been out in over a year!!! We grabbed some cheap dinner (Taco Bell deal meal) and a RedBox movie, took a drive in his baby (Miata) and had a private drive in with the portable DVD player. Heaven.

Now, to get myself into gear to work on the Highland this weekend! Tomorrow, I think. Sunday is being consumed with BBQ. Yum!

I will have some sort of eye candy by weekends end. I so solemnly swear. ;)


  1. Sounds like someone had an awesome birthday!

  2. I really did! Makes up for the less than stellar ones since Cayce was born. ;)


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