Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finished up Contest Entry and Posted on Etsy

I finished the contest entry and will be sending in my photos here shortly. Cross your fingers for my win!!! I think that would just be so cool. As much as everyone likes my artwork, I haven't ever won a contest with it and this will be my first Miniature Contest. I'm so stoked that I entered!

I also finally took pictures and posted for sale on Etsy several items. The couch and chair set, several mini paintings and a set of paints with a brush.

You can go see them all and maybe get a little something, something here. I hope to make an easel and put it up by the end of the week.

I am also finishing up a surprise additional gift for my friend Randi. Need to down some coffee and turn the rest of it out tonight so I can ship it off tomorrow. She is so excited, I only wish I could be a fly on her wall and actually SEE her face when she gets it. :)

Alright... I need to go feed my bottomless pits. Every time I turn around ONE of them is hungry. Oi!

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