Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hackity hack hack...the FLU!! September 18th and 19th

I was sick this past weekend, so my great plans to be all productive in the mini world and the general area of crafts was totally thwarted by my illness. It is ridiculously hard to craft whilst you are hacking and choking and suffering from delirium caused by Nyquil, BUT I did it anyway. :) What can I say, I am an addict.

So, I will first have you reassured that I did not put my safety in question. This meant a big no-go on the power tools, so I don't have garage doors or new front doors yet. BLAST!!! I did, however, work on a few little things for the terrace.

1) The railing! I had these tiny little stick dowels in my box of DO NOT THROW AWAY THESE SCRAPPY PIECES OF WOOD, THEY *MIGHT* BE USEFUL ONE DAY!!! I spaced them to match up with the piece of plastic wrought iron fence I have (after everything was painted black, of course). I then used some fast grab and a toothpick to assemble all pieces: sticky things, a bigger sticky things, tiny square "feet"

2) I made some plants.

~ A hanging spider plant made out of floral tape. What an unbelievably tedious job. Ugh. But it looks cool. **** High on Nyquil mistake: Everything is assembled and hung up and I love it, BUT I forgot to bake the clay. BLAST!!!

~A potted fern made out of floral tape. Also tedious, but just as cool. Never actually painted the pot. Sigh.

~ A hanging wicker basket! This is my favorite. I sorta fudged this tutorial for a Flower Gathering Basket and bent the sides up to make a basket... then used hemp cord for the ropes, wound some wire in there to make a hook... filled it with some stuff and moss and TA-DA!!

That is all that I have done in the last little bit. Mostly on Sunday night after I was totally bored with sleeping. I had slept for something like 20 hours....

Hopefully, this illness is on it's way out the door and I can move on to more enjoyable things!

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  1. Everything is starting to shape up real nicely! Hope you're feeling better hun!


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