Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekend #3: July 24th and 25th Modern sofa, white wainscoting

It hardly seems like only a few days have passed! I have gotten a lot done this week. For starters, over the weekend I was a bit bummed and I let my mini obsession take over and work it's magic to cheer me up. The result was the following:

I made this while listening and sometimes even glancing up to see, Supernatural. LOVE that show! I had absolutely no idea how to go about this really, so I just sort of tackled it. I knew I wanted a couch with the chaise extension and the ottoman was an afterthought. I went off the tutorial that is on Jennifer's Printable's site. ( It seemed fairly easy. I used foam board for the construction and some of that foam wrap stuff that breakables come packaged in. I wrapped it all tightly with that fabric and used Tacky Glue to secure it. The base is made out of mahogany stained craft sticks. The pillow was hand stitched and filled with bird seed. I love this sofa! And it did an amazing job at cheering me up.

After some work on the house itself (cutting of many more craft sticks for the paneling) it got a home in the house AND accompanied by some art work. I really like the "paintings" that I put on the wall above the couch, for they aren't really paintings at all! They are scraps of wallpaper.

Art work joins the sofa!

Originally, I thought the back portion of the house would get carpet, but this house decided it wanted something else. We went with some more hard wood flooring. this time, a diagonal pattern of wider craft sticks. I used gold embossing foil that I had laying around, to cover up unsightly gaps and to use as a spacer between the changing layouts.

Here is a shot with it freshly installed, no stain yet:

And here are a few of the living room nearly finished! I say nearly, because I have YET (even as I am typing this) too tackle the wainscot that goes around the bookcase. It will take a bit to work up the nerve (and the time) to do that!!

And a final shot with finished floors and furniture! Trim to come!

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