Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend #2: July 17th, 2010 Decor in addition!

On Sunday, I got to put some decor on the inside of the house. I started in the kitchen and did the floors. That tile is a real pain to do, but I think I like how it turned out. James and I picked the colors for this room and I let him decide on the cabinets....they will be stained walnut with ocean blue paper inside. This house will definitely be eclectic! Picture quality will be a bit iffy now since the camera has decided to start dying on us. The visual screen went out and we are shooting blind. Bare with me!

I was thinking about doing the same walnut for all the trim and then doing the counters in a red.... but I'm not sure yet. I will have to kick it around in my brain for a bit.

This technique would be a lot more enjoyable if the knife hadn't been slipping all over the place! In the end, it really does look like a DIY job from real life. If you had to cut all your own tile and grout it, I'm sure there would be areas that were.... let's say, less than even. ;)

The bathroom above, is going to be done in maroon and white with marble grey flooring. It'll feature the colors, if not more, of the bathroom I have always wanted!

Before I went to bed last night, I managed to get the floors and the main wall of the bathroom done. The shelving will be painted white to match and I am thinking about throwing in some black accents and finding some appropriate fabric for a curtain. I need to make the "furniture" for in here and play around with a layout before I can construct the other walls...

Hehehehe.... my snack is hiding out in the dining room!

I really like the red we went with and the grey's in the marble really add some beauty to this bathroom.

Next plans are to do some detail in here and then get started on the floors in the living/dining/study/bedroom. All hardwood floors.... that's going to be a LOT of skinny sticks. :)


  1. Hi Lyssa, welcome to the blogosphere and the world of minis! I'll enjoy watching the progress on your house. Nice to see a modern one, too, the style is getting more and more popular. Looks like you're off to a great start!

    If you're set on real wood floors, then more power to ya'--I know half the fun of miniatures is doing all those details--but there are ways to fake it if you don't want to do so much work; from scribing fake board lines into wood or matboard, to printing them out on your computer. Just holler if you're looking for options.

    PS - I love the picture you're using as a background for your blog! :)

    - Grace

  2. Thanks! This is absolutely my favorite house. things are coming along really well. I thought about doing "wood" floors by scribing (I did tile that way in the Coventry) but the wood underneath was in rough shape from oodles of glue. Just seemed easier to make new floors. ;) And they sure are pretty!!

    I'll be posting about the floors later today. Thanks for the compliments!


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