Monday, July 5, 2010

Starting on the Artply Highland

This is the Artply Highland. This house has great bones and I totally fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It definately needs some TLC though and will go through a major reconstructive process. I want this house to have a more modern interior, so it won't be the Victorian girly style that most people think of when they envision a dollhouse.

A quick overview of my plans: Haven't decided on a color for the exterior, but I have decided that the large column section up front will get a stone covering with a large window above the door. To the right of the door, there will be a wrap around deck with patio furniture and a grill. All the lower windows will have flower boxes. I've always wanted flowerboxes in real life, but since I can't have them, the mini's will get them. To the left of the door: I will eventually put some shrubbery around the bottom window. The gaping hole above it is actually supposed to be french doors opening onto a balcony that clearly needs railing. There, you will find a telescope, star charts and a small chair and table. The tiny person that lives here is a stargazer. The room down to the left is, indeed, a garage. Apparently, I can purchase a working garage door from Houseworks. The plan is to get TWO because I will be knocking out that far wall and expanding the garage to a two-car (James is particularly excited about this.) AND expanding the room behind it: the kitchen. There will be windows in the far wall and I will install a door going from the garage to the kitchen.

Mostly, this house will be a reflection of the things that I like and would love to see featured in my own real life house.

Here is the interior of the house:

The room on the left is going to be a crafting room. I will be building a loft for shelving and storage and the tall side. It will feature a picinic table for the messier crafting on, cement style floors, bright colors, lots and lots of shelving, a scrapbooking area, easels, canvas and all the whatsits that I possess in RL. =)

The blue room will be a master bedroom. I am using my wolf tapestry blanket that hangs behind my bed as inspiration. The master bedroom may or may not feature a fireplace.

The room off the staircase and master bedroom is going to be a library and study. A desk, comfy chairs and TONS of books. I am considering wall-wall-floor-ceiling bookcases for this room.

The tiny room to the right is goint to be the bathroom. It is actually TWO tiny rooms that I will be making into one large room. I am pulling inspiration from several designer baths I have seen on HGTV. I'll let you in with this little nugget : stone and garden tub. Exciting, yes?

My favorite features of this house are the windows and skylights. Great light for a bathroom, I think, but there will stil be some MAJOR changes to this side of the house.

The two large rooms on the bottom are the living room and the dining area. I plan on making nearly all the furniture for these two rooms (if not the whole house). Again, think modern contemporary.

The smallest room there will be expanded and turned into a glorious kitchen. It will also feature bright colors to balance out the craft room on the other end of the house. I can hardly wait to get started!

Unfortunately, before I can get to the fun stuff, I have to pull up all the carpeting and wallpaper. This can be a task so I better get started on it!

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