Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 21st and 22nd: Living Room, extreme makeover!

Surfing the web, I came across more inspiration for the house, thanks to the HGTV website. (That channel is literally, the only reason I want cable. ;) ) Anyway, this time, it was a minty green with white trim and wainscoting. Loved it right away AND, again, had the right paper. Fate, I tell you! So up went the paper:

and the windows and ideas for an accent color. Don't you love the tiny art that will be in there?! And my sweets camping out upstairs. hehehe

I also got a floor done for this room. Walnut stained skinny sticks in traditional layout and a "stone" entryway. Took two solid episodes of Supernatural while the kids napped, to get that one done! There was a lot of cutting, measuring, sanding and flying skinny sticks involved.

Then I cut a bunch of thicker craft sticks and made paneling for the walls along with floorboards and trim. I really like how that looks:

The top trims and the window trims have also been painted white (guess I didn't take a picture of that before I uploaded). I think that the two rooms are going to look very nice together. The area in front of the wood floors is undecided right now. Perhaps I will do wood all the way out, but what I am really leaning towards is a nice ivory colored carpet.... Now to find some of that cheap!

Now the plan for tomorrow, if time allows, is to finish the trim and such in the living room and dining room, along with the paneling and maybe the stairs. I should also go ahead and put up the trim in the craft room.... then it is on to the bedroom and study/library. I am leaving the bathroom and garage for last. Eye-yi-yi...they will be trouble. Till then!

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