Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sealing on the Ceiling

After some consideration, I decided to go with a ceiling treatment that was suitable for a cottage, but a little different than the normal ta-do. Enter the paneled and beamed ceiling:

Clearly, the bottom floor ceiling isn't angled like this, but I really liked the look of it. After some consideration and consulting with Brae, I decided to just use the original kit wood, instead of strips or what not.

So I took the ceiling piece out to the garage and attacked it with the dremel. First, I used it to cut out a new stair hole, since the would now look quite silly in what is the kitchen. :) They will be in the middle area of the house, which will present an awkward bedroom layout, but I am okay with that, really.

Then, at every half inch mark, I used the dremel to score the wood, giving the appearance of panels. They aren't perfectly straight, but that's okay, too. Then I took square dowels and cut them in half length wise so they would be 3/16" thick. Each one was then cut to the appropriate length of the room. (This is where I was in love with my new table saw!) These, also rough, but it adds to the realism? Old cottages were made by hand, not with fancy doodad machines that make beams perfectly square. :P

Then it was back inside to frame the ceiling with 1/8" inch square strips. I also framed around the stair hole and the former stair hole. I plan on building up on that later with a pot rack or something.

The panels first got a wash of Bittersweet Chocolate by Americana- my favorite color ever. I was a little heavier on some spots and in the cracks.

While that was drying, I used a razor blade to rough up the beams a bit more and then painted them in Bittersweet Chocolate, too.

Then I painted it, the paneling and framing, White Wash by Americana and attached the beams.

Looks pretty awesome, right?

Too bad I measured something wrong and it didn't fit right!!!

******** Please enjoy this pleasant picture while I rip my hair out***********

Okay, so after some venting and talking with my dear friend and Twin Pea, Brae, I started fixing the problem by using her suggestion of a soffit.

First I measured everything again to to get the wall to be in the right spot. Then I pried several pieces up off the wood (thanks goodness I used GlueAll!) and made the appropriate cuts.

I relaid the edges of the channels and then rechecked to make sure I hadn't messed up AGAIN before I moved on.

Then I cut up a cereal box (mmmmhhhmmm, Cinnamon Toast Crunch) to be nearly two inches longer that then the depth of the floor, making an almost 12" strip. Then I folded at the 1" and 11" marks to make little folded tails on it. I ended up cutting these later to make a nice 90 degree angle corner.

These were then secured with 1/4" square dowels by gluing a piece on the end and at the corner.

Then I glued some down the length to stabilize and make it as straight as possible. This whole piece was then glued into place over my initial mess up.

Once it was glued down, I cut two strips to fill in the sides. I secured this all with masking tape, since I planned on covering it anyway.

I still had paper left from the corresponding wall, so I covered it with that and blended it in.

I may install lights in it and a register to make it look like duct work. :)

I like how this looks and probably owe my days sanity and the continued survival of my house to Brae. Thanks, Pea!!

And here is a shot of the kitchen with the new ceiling:


  1. You are quite welcome! We can't have a bald bride...your hair would never grow back in time! :D It does look fabulous all around. Great job, friend!

  2. What a big job you did! Happy you were able to fix the problem, it looks great.

  3. Is a great work, so hard but well done! definitely worth it. regards


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