Saturday, August 20, 2011

Old Time Country

Since the Fling ended, I have been working on a project idea I've had laying around for months now. I've been gathering supplies since I bought the house (an Orchid) and I am really excited to start putting things together. I plan on having a cute and quaint, thought aged and weathered, country cottage. This photo is from a magazine I have (Cottage Living) and it was part of my inspiration. I'm debating on giving the Orchid a similar porch! My house will have a bluer color to it, but still feature a gun metal colored metal roof like this:

The house will have a small fireplace and a cozy living room with shelving under the stairs. I will be moving the front door so it is not in the center of the porch or right in front of the stairs on the dividing wall. I also switched the walls so that the bay window, which will feature a herb garden in it, is on the left side of the house (right side of this picture). As for the fireplace, I haven't decided if the chimney will be just out of the roof or on the side of the house.

The kitchen will have minimal appliances and open shelving like this below. I love the wood paneled look and will probably go with that, too. I might even make these dishes! They are so cute! I can work on accessories right now while I wait for birthday goodies to come in. :) I have that iron on wood veneer on my list.

I am on the hunt for a table for two that is just right for eating in the kitchen. There will be an overall shabby feel to the house and blue theme throughout. Guess I should get cracking!

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  1. I love where your ideas are headed! That's a great inspiration piece. :D


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