Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cozy home and a Fab Find

After much work the last two nights, I got the exterior siding all done on the Orchid and papered the interior walls for the bottom floor. It's coming along and looks fabulous! I am so happy with how it is turning out. :)

Below the white trim line will be a rock/stone foundation. I should get started on this soon since my amazing friend, Brae, of otterine.com, is sending me egg cartons. So nice to have great friends!

When the gables go up, I am not sure if they will get the board and batten, too, or if they will get another treatment. This is also the wall that will be getting a chimney on it. Still not sure how to work that out though....

It's in dry fit! This always makes me feel awesome. After I get the ceilings done tonight (fingers crossed) then it will get glued together. Need to put the back piece in, too, and probably supports on the bottom floor underside to keep it from bowing under the weight of furniture.

My cozy kitchen. I adore it. White paneled walls are made from the same veneer on the outside and painted with Shiny White paint Folkart. The wallpaper is from Jennifer's Printables site. The floor is skinny sticks that I parqueted, stained walnut and then washed with white several times. Before final instillation of it, I am going to ding it up a bit. :)

The living room. The stairs will end up right in front of the door. The wallpaper is from Jennifer's Printables Site and some scrapbook paper. The floor is made from craft sticks, stained Bombay Mahogany by Miniwax.

And look what I found in my stash?! Didn't even know I had this stuff! I found this hilarious since Brae had just been looking for two of these items recently. Silly me not knowing my inventory! Especially for that table. I had been eyeing one exactly like it on Ebay and I didn't even need to! Gah!

Here is the first layout in the house! The table and chairs are staying, but the fridge and the sink are place holders. Check back soon to see what should be in their place! ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Looking good! Love what you've done with the floors. =)

  2. It's looking great! And yes, you are a silly pants for not knowing your inventory. I have a similar problem, I just have no clue where I put things sometimes!

    Hmm.. everyone has been so busy building! I really need to get caught up!

  3. The start of the house looks good, curious how it will continue.
    Not knowing what you have is a problem more miniaturists will recognize, sounds very familiar to me!
    Miniature greetings

  4. Great kitchen stuff. Especially the cooker.

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Ann, get to work! I'm ready to see a fab modern house!

    PS. Love the rhino/deer head you just did!

  6. The house is getting beautiful! I liked the kitchen equipment!

  7. :D Still makes me laugh knowing WHY you didn't know what you had. ;]

  8. The house is looking good, great job! Like the colors.


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