Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tween Room Gets Bedding AND.....: An Undersized Urbanite Update

SO, when I first started this room, it was really weird to be putting white on the walls....I despise white walls.  They feel so cold and clinical and asylum-y.  But I knew that I wanted to use a LOT of color in here, and having white walls was going to be the easiest way to get all the furniture and decor to match without clashing....  or without making people go ACK!  COLOR!  I'M BLINDED!!!!

So white walls it was.  And a neutral, but fun carpet.  *gulp*

A few days later and some trial fabrics and I LOVE the results.  The bed looks awesome.  And I sent a picture to a 12 year old to make sure it wasn't just me poofing my own feathers.  She thought it was great!

All these fabrics, except the woven one, are credited to my Mom.  She picked them up some time ago for a project with my dad, but it ended up falling through, so they were passed on to me!  I love the color combination here!!!
 The patterns are crazy, but oh so fun. She (Mom) will be delighted to know that I managed to make those weird pocket envelope pillow cases (the ones that cover the outer edge of the pillow, too, so you don't have to look at it and all of its grundginess)  in mini!!!  The green one and the flower one  So easy to do really!
 The purple and pink blanket are glued down into place.  The woven cream one is just folded and pressed into place.  The mattress is made out of the same pink foam that I use for landscaping.  :)  I covered it in some batting, wrapped it in a white cotton blend and then glued the whole thing to the bed frame.
 Oh to be 12 again!!!

Then, since I was on a roll, I worked on the room for the bed, too.  Finally glued in the ceiling paper and the string light.  I left a little bit of a gap all the way around to remind me that I want to put crown molding in all the rooms.  Fancy house!

I also made one of the other things I wanted to have in this room.  A circular canopy!!!  WOOT!

And what a pain in the rear.  It wasn't hard to make, but the hanging mechanism had me swearing up a storm and threatening to burn things down.  LOL.  But I got it up there!

I also put up the shelf, artwork and butterfly mirror-though they are just taped into place for right now.  I want to paint the shelf and frame and the mirror will get girl things added to it... like jewelry.

The desk is tripling as a dresser, desk and vanity.  And this won't be the only pop of black either.  I am currently looking for some white on black polka dot fabric to make a bench at the foot of the bed.

 The following fabric is a genius find in my mind.  Looks SO much like the rug!!!  It will become the curtains.  Squeeeeeeeeeee!

Hope you are liking it so far!


  1. Oh, my!!! It's fabu! I love the butterfly mirror mirroring the butterfly light! :D That's great fabric, too. I think you were right to go with the neutral walls and carpet. Now your hard work stands out so well!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to paint that light, too. I got my share of brass with the barber shop.

  2. Wonderful playful room! It captures that turning point from child to budding adult beautifully!

  3. Love this! It's so cheerful. Great job!!

  4. I like that it looks young without looking babyish! Cute!

  5. What a lovely room! I love the canopy, the butterflies, the colours! This is fun!!!

  6. Hello from Spain: your room is very cool. I like the bed clothes in bright colors. Also the butterfly-shaped mirror is a great idea. Keep in touch

  7. What a beautiful room! I love the butterlfy-shaped mirror and the colorscheme :D!

  8. Fantastic bed. You should be so proud!

  9. Cool! What teen wouldn't be drooling over this?!

  10. Im loving the butterfly mirror, my real tween room was never this cool! :)



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