Sunday, February 9, 2014

Canning Jar Lights: An Undersized Urbanite Update

It's time for another one of those moments where I love something for a real life design... but have no where to do it in my rental... so I transfer it to my dollhouse!

I love, love, LOVE the canning jar lights that have been seen all over Pinterest and Facebook.  Love them.  Seriously.  In like an obsessive way.

Image c/o

Image c/o

So I puttered around my craft room, wondering if I had the things to make them....  and I did!  Hooray for those little nail decal jar things at Dollar Tree.  :)  Woooooooooo!

I also had a few packs of battery operated LED lights that I bought off of ebay.  This particular set was 4 lights for a 9volt battery.  Love them.  

So I pulled out three and opened a package of the nail decal thingies and dumped out the jars.  


Then, it was time to prepare the rubber plug.  I used an exacto knife to cut a hole in the top big enough to feed the wires through and the bit of heat shrink tubing that was on them.  I will later on paint this all to look like metal and I didn't find a thing to attach them to-just rammed them up through the ceiling for right now.  What?  I work on a tight schedule thanks to kiddos.  :)

Anyway, once the light was through, I wired it up to see if it worked right.

Success!! But, too blue.
Off to find Gallery Glass and paint.... 
Mixed them together a little bit and then dabbed the mixture on the LED.
Much better.  

Then make the other two and temporarily install them to take pictures.  :)

Next time you see these, they will look more like canning jars and maybe even have chains going up to the medallion on the ceiling.  The medallion I still have to make.... 

But for now, it's time to get my fix of Walkers and plan out the kitchen.  Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!


  1. Love those too on Pinterest! And love that you did it in mini! I will have to look for those nail decal things. So cool!

  2. Hi Lyssa! These looks so Cool!!! What a great project! :D


  3. Great work, they turned out very well!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  4. :D It's about time someone shrunk these to mini, well done!!

  5. Very cool! I had the same idea, but never got to it. It looks great!

  6. what a great project :) I too love those lights but Rich isnt having it so like you I can have it in mini form :)


  7. So cute. Great idea to paint the bulb!

  8. So cute!! Great idea to make miniatures of the big ones!! Well done, they do look very nice!


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