Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skeltor gets some "bark"

The second step for this tree is to cover it in a good layer of Durham's Water Putty, which you can easily get at a big box hardware store.  You will find it with all the other "fix this hole" things on the paint aisle, and the 4 lb can runs just over or under $8, depending on where you are.  This stuff dries harder than a turtle shell and it sets quickly, so work fast!  It'll take a while to dry, generally overnight, but since I didn't putty mine last night, and Brae did, I busted out the blow dryer.  :D  I mixed it up in some sort of toss away cup that was left over from one of the birthday parties, used a craft stick to stir and the crappiest cheap brush I had to slather it on.  This is a messy task, so if you want to try to do it later yourself, be prepared for mess.  And whatever you do, do not rinse anything out.  Talk about a clog in the drain! Us a cup/brush you can just toss in the trash.

I, incidentally, saved my cup of left over goop because it is carve-able, and I plan on carving mine into a boulder.  :D

This stuff is so nice and easy to work with.  I slathered it all up onto the trees base and made sure to cover all the nooks and crannies.  I made sure to be especially thick on the trunk, so that I could shave it down smooth, and still hide the binding wire.

 As you can see, it went on pretty thick, but I wish I could tell you just how easily it covers the wire so well! Poke the pictures, if you cannot see that well.
 It is really easy to manipulate.  I brushed it on, but I am certain, that with a stiff bristle brush you could stipple it on quite nicely.
 Here, you can see the tree in it's temporary base and the very messy application of water putty. For a paper birch, this rough texture just won't do!  I think I can fix this with a razor and file....

 Good and smooth.  :)  Next step, is painting!

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