Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Additions to you mini Garden?

So I was playing around with scrap wood the other night in my craft room, and I realized I had all the pieces to build a planter and a potting bench.  So I put on some Pandora and got to work.  Here is what I came up with:

The planter measures roughly 1 3/4" cube.  I painted it Cool White by Americana and sealed it with Satin Varnish.  Then, I filled it with floral foam and some coffee ground dirt.  Voila!  A planter that is ready for your unplaced plant and flower kits.  :)  I think this would look swell in front of a cafe or on one of the large Victorian porches.

A container garden would be a great idea for this, too!

The potting bench really just started out as a table with a sink in it, and when I got stumped, I asked Brae what I should do.  She voted potting bench, and not really too much change in color.

So I finished painting the sink this really great silver that I have.  I think it's for models....but the label is pretty obscured, I just know that it ROCKS!

I love how the washes picked up the grain of the wood.

Then, I had to go back a step and drill a hole for the faucet!  Oops!  Thankfully, I didn't mess any of the paint up.

The bench itself got four washes of paint: Light Buttermilk, Honey Brown, Slate Grey and , my personal favorite, Bittersweet Chocolate-all by Americana.
This country faucet looks just perfect with this sink!

Then you throw in a few accessories and BAM!  A really gorgeous potting bench!

Uh-oh.  Watch out for bunnies!

Planting can be so messy!

Both items are currently listed for sale in my Etsy shop.
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  1. These are some seriously excellent photos! Great items and wonderful little scenes. :D

  2. me gusta mucho lo que has hecho un trabajo estupendo , con mucho realismo



  3. Bellissimi questi lavori in miniatura ...!!! Il lavello e' adorabile!!
    Sono una tua nuova amica!!!
    Un bacio

  4. I like this fantastic scene.
    Bye Faby

  5. I dont know which I like better the planter or the sink.

  6. Thank you, all. I am quite happy with these two pieces. :)

  7. Everything is wonderful and look so good together!


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