Friday, August 8, 2014

1:48 Art Studio

You asked and you shall receive!  I saw this little shop on Ebay for a great price and I snagged it.  Long term side project to commence!

Back walls are 6".  Front door is just over 2" tall.  Roof piece is clear acrylic, so I'll be able to put everything in there and then just look at it!  Ideas are a churning!!!  There is more than enough room for work areas, display areas, sitting area.....muaahahahahahahahaha.  I'm going to have so much fun!!!


  1. I really like that art deco style. Great buy!

  2. This will be a fun project for sure! I am veeeery curious as to where to take this one, Lyssa. There are just so many possibilities.

  3. Nice style building Lyssa. Perfect for an art space. Now for the challenge of scaling everything down to 1/48th.


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