Monday, August 11, 2014

1:48 Art Studio: The Easy Part

I got the outside painted and aged.  The inside got the walls done and the floor installed...
Now to the hard part of making teeny tiny art supplies!  ACK!

The outside was begging to be grungy...
 I really like how all the washes came out!
 My first foray into graffiti.  It was so much fun.
 Express yoself!

Now to fill it with tiny things!  I already made a craft table... but forgot to get a picture of it... and now I am too tired to deal.  So, sit in suspense you shall.  :D


  1. me encanta , estoy deseando verla llena



  2. Awesome start! I love the aged look and your graffiti work is very cool! I'd love to see the little spray cans that created it....*GRIN*

    1. Zermagherd. So small. I am working on them. But really SOOO small.

  3. I can totally see it as an art studio or store in a grungy neighborhood that is up and coming in the industrial side of town. ;)


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