Friday, July 25, 2014

The House That Jack Built-The Rose Marie

RAWWWWWWWRG!  Okay, so this house is fantastic-IF you get it already assembled.  The headaches, shouts and colorful language that this house caused are almost not worth it.  Such a pain.  It's made out of baltic birch and is meant to be nailed together as well as glued.  And you have to do it this way, because the wood just soaks up the glue.  AND most of it is too big for clamps. AND the wood is the one, seemingly rare, type that doesn't allow masking tape to stick to it very well.  BAAH.

Anyway, after lots of hoots and hollers, I finally got  the thing together (still need to put the roof on though).  I started playing around with a layout and wall setup.  This house will feature my first open concept living-dining-kitchen area, as well as a laundry room, couple of nooks, large master with sitting area, bathroom, and a large attic area that will be finished-but unfurnished.  This baby is just for selling.  It will come with some furniture, but not much.  It won't be electrified though.  I'm trying to set it up to be tolerant of a 9 year old or so.  Sturdy furniture and decor, but easily filled with more and an heirloom for the ages.

I LOVED the flooring in Cyd's Citadel, so I wrote to her to get the info on the laminate she used.  You can order it straight from 180FX.  Here is her post with the info on it: 180FX Samples for you.  We both used the sample called petrified wood.  It looks amazing.  I love, love, love it.

 The stairs are not permanently attached yet.  I have to pick a wallpaper.  I'm thinking of going with grey and maybe a board and batten bottom third. :)
 The balusters also need to be painted... I'm thinking good ol' Bittersweet Chocolate, by Americana.
 Look how fancy!
I will be back with more updates, soon!  And it looks like my side project is going to be a quarter scale art studio.  Along with some food and plants. :)  Thanks for the input, community!

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  1. Какой шикарный пол!!!!! Очень, очень красиво!!!!

  2. I like the flooring too! It really shows off well with it added to the steps! I think the house will be worth the effort you are putting into it!

  3. Yes, that flooring is amazing! Great job on the stairs.

  4. Great choice for the flooring. What a unique idea to use a "petrified wood" pattern.

  5. Looking good! I love the laminate on the stairs too!

  6. Like the flooring. Looking forward to seeing your 1/4 inch art studio


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