Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recent Minis

So I have a little collection of things that I have been working on recently-and a few projects that I have been gathering ideas for.  One of them involves eating a LOT of baked beans.  :)

Anyway, I thought I would share a few of them with you all-and then I have to hop back to it.  I have things that I am working on for friends-and I am so, so behind on that!!!

A refinished chair!  I love it now!  It used to be a mahogany finish with blue "leather" cushions.  I pulled all those off, recovered them in this fun chevron print, and painted the chair white.  Then I attached all the cushions again and distressed the wood a teeeeeeny bit.  LOVE.

 Then I did a couple tiny pieces.  I'm doing some experimenting with watercolor and ink.... working on a children's book in real life and I think I like this style for illustrating it....
 Bunnies.  :)
 And then I ordered this tub a bit ago, from Ebay, to refinish and eventually use in my modernized Beacon Hill.  I want it to look like one of the refurbished Victorians that you see on HGTV, using all the old parts, but with modern finishes.
 The plan is to turn this brass tub into a more of a cast iron with ceramic interior look. :)  Very excited, I am.
And that's all I have for right now.  Currently, the debate is on which kit to open....or if I should get started on my Creatin' Contest kit already...... decisions, decisions......

And in case you didn't hear, I'm doing a 4 year blogging giveaway!  See the details, here:


  1. The chevron chair is great, and your mini paintings are so whimsical... I love the style! Can't wait to see what you do with the tub :D

    1. Thanks! I flop back and forth for ideas with the tub....

  2. Your chair is lovely and I love your mini painting! It's so sweet!

  3. Love the fabric on the chair and those illustrations are beautiful. Love them =0)

  4. me encanta la silla y el tapizado es precioso
    las ilustraciones son bonitas
    esa bañera es un tesoro , estoy deseando ver que haces con ella



  5. The chair is awesome and I am a huge fan of your artwork. Thanks for sharing the pics, Lyssa.

  6. I love that chevron print. Great job reupholstering it. Love the tub idea. :)

  7. The chair has a whole new life in modern! I hope you use all of the book covers. They are adorable! As for the tub...I am waiting to see what you do with it because I have just like it and need ideas! :-)

  8. Isn't it amazing how much of a change a little paint and fabric can make?

  9. Love that chair transformation, especially with the chevron print and I really love your little illustrations - gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you do with the bath.

  10. Привет!
    Мне нравится ваш стул! Он смотрится очень гармонично! Я люблю вашу живопись! Это прекрасное чудо!
    Интересно, как будет выглядеть ваша ванная???


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