Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tiny Bookstore 1:48 scale

I have had a little bit of time to work on this little house for my sister while I have been out.  I started to make the tiny books, but they are so little that they can sort of make you go cross eyed real quick.

I got a board from Michaels to use as a base and had the landscaping stuff on hand.

The shingles are made from 150 grit sand paper and painted in washes of Thicket Green (Folkart) and Lamp Black (Folkart) and Bittersweet Chocolate (Americana).

The stone path was painted with watercolor and defined with colored pencil.

The grass is from Scenic Express, and it's the same grass that I use on my 1:12 builds, but I shaved it down with clippers.  :)  The evergreen trees are made from green tree stuff... not sure what it is exactly. It's leftover from another project and can be purchased at HobbyTown USA for a few dollars.

The tree is floral wire, wrapped in floral tape and then painted.  I used the rest of the green tree stuff to make a base for the leaves and then filled the tree in with Green Ground Cover that I purchased at Michaels for $3.00.  

I give it to her (sister) on Sunday night.  I better get crackin on the books!!!!


  1. Te ha quedado preciosa la casa,muy detallada,estoy segura que a tu hermana le encantará!!!!

  2. I like that a lot, it's so cute :)

  3. It is a delightful little book store. I love the landscaping you have done. Good luck with making the tiny tiny books.

  4. This is so cute, very well made! I love the landscaping!


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