Monday, June 16, 2014

New Items on Etsy and a Quarter scale house

Hello, all!  I am so glad that you enjoyed my last post.  It shed new light for me, too.  There might be hope that I try to recover my Highland now.... perhaps.... o.O  That will certainly be an undertaking.  We will see though... it's not like I don't have a hoarders stash of kits (what miniaturist doesn't?)  I have no less than 10 waiting. *maniacal laughing*  We all have a serious problem, don't we?!

New items on Etsy!  I finally finished up little things I had been working on for ages....and got them listed. Yay!

 Black twin bed, with blue dressings
 White metal rocking crib with light blue dressings
Cherry stained wooden cradle with lemon and floral print yellow dressings

I have some other stuff to finish up and list, too. But my shop will be going on vacation soon while I go on vacation myself.

Here and there, I have also been working on a quarter scale house.  It is the prize mini version from the Greenleaf Spring Fling 2011.  I am going to turn it into a bookstore for my sister.  She is a true bibliophile and just graduated from college last month.  I thought it would be a nice "welcome to true sucky adulthood gift."  LOL.

 It's so hard to work on small stuff!  My hand is like a big, drunk giant in there.  Oi.  I need to cut up some sandpaper for the shingles.... 300 grit that I will paint a green color.  They will go on in diamond pattern.  Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Quarter scale books.  What the heck was I thinking?!?!  Too late to turn back now, though.

I will be *hopefully* getting a giveaway up before I close up for a bit.  Post it on Wednesday, and send stuff out after the 4th of July.

Until then!!


  1. I love the 1/4 scale bookshop. What a lovely gift for your sister. 1/4 scale books will be a fun challenge but it will be well worth the effort. I look forward to seeing progress.

  2. unas miniaturas fantasticas , me gustan todas



  3. Your small house looks great, look forward on seeing more of that later =) Hannah


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