Saturday, August 10, 2013

Swaps and gifts

While I was on vacation, one of my stops was in Chicago, so of COURSE I stopped to see my best pal, Brae.  I helped her move some stuff around, and pulled on my butch pants to help her build a table. One of the best things about being able to stop and see Brae is that I also get to see all her fantastical work up close and personal.  I mean, it really blows you away just how good she is and her attention to detail is unparalleled.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, check out her latest blog posts on The Haunted Heritage.  Make sure you have a towel.  :)

The other great part (aside from getting to chill with her in PERSON, instead of just on the phone or email) is that she gives me prizes.  :D  And who doesn't love loot?!  And good mini loot to boot!!!  See what I did there?

She made me a set of her fabulous, weighted pillows... a few snippets of shadowy mice and got me the cutest stretching kitty you ever have seen!!!

 The kitty and pillows will find a new home in the Tennyson I just finished..... Guess I will need to make a litter box and get some kitty bowls, too!!!  And the mice will come out for Halloween and go in a future project.

 In July, I participated in Jazzi's Christmas in July swap, and in all the hullaballou to make sure I had everything (for a two week road trip with my kids) I forgot to send Maria her loot. But it is on its way to her now!  Her swap to me, was waiting her for me when I got home.  Yeah for Christmas stuff!!!!

There are pillows, garland, presents, a hat, wrapping paper, letters, a snow man and a cute little angel that I can't wait to put on a tree!

 See this precious angel?!
 And this little snowman will find a great home on a side board.

I won't be showing you what I sent her until I get confirmation (or until the end of August) that she got it, so as not to spoil the surprise.  

nd, just so you know things were getting worked on at one time or another, here is another sneak peek from either the Spring Fling or the Creatin Contest.... but I won't tell which!



  1. You are so lucky to be able to see Brae's work up close. The swap gifts from Maria are wonderful too, I especially like the little snowman. Thanks for another sneak peak of your contents work - can't wait to see your entries when it is time for reveal.

  2. Hooray!!! I'm so glad you like your minis. It was wonderful seeing you as well! And, thank you, thank you for all the help! Hugs!!!

  3. love all of your good loot but especially like that kitty!

  4. Brea is a amazing artist, she gave you some great things to put into your fantabulous house!

    not fair you have 2 sneaky projects going ;P

    One more month and I will have some days to mini not just late night after the house sleeps ;P *high five*

    1. I got some mad work done on one of them today. hooray! *high five back at ya*

  5. unos regalos preciosos , seguro que los disfrutaras mucho



  6. Brae is amazingly talented!!!!! I'm glad you got to spend some time with her. It looks like some great loot, but I can't even think about Christmas!

  7. Oh how lucky spending time with Brae!!! So glad you liked your gifts from Maria and lucky you getting more gifts from Brae xxx

  8. I am glad you liked my gifts it was fun making christmas stuff in July : D Fantastic gifts from Brae congratulations. I hope you had a wonderful trip.
    Hugs Maria

    1. I did! Thank you so much! My apologies again to my tardiness. They are on the way to you as I write. :) You should get them soon!

  9. Thank you all! I do feel incredibly lucky to have Brae as such a dear friend. ♥

  10. Yay! I'm glad you had so much fun and got GOODIES!!!!

  11. I'm trying to imagine what Brae's work looks like up close, because it already looks better than real in photos...Nope can't do it.

    Neat swap items, looks like you're all set for Christmas. :)


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