Saturday, September 22, 2012

Poppin' in like Orville!

Hello friends!  Sorry I have been out of the loop for the month.  We had a loss in the family followed by me getting sick...  Mama gets sick and the whole house comes to a screeching halt!  I have also been really busy making things for my first Craft Dayz!!!!!  And I will be the only mini vendor.....  We shall see how it goes.  I am marketing all the paintings with magnets so they can be used as gifts for the person that really likes to decorate the fridge.  :D  And the furniture type things are being sold with a little loop of string- instant ornament!!!  I know I would like a dollhouse-furniture-decorated-tree!!!!!  But seriously, I was thinking, what if your kid is an avid artist?  Wouldn't an easel to hang on the tree be grand?  I think so.

Soooooooo, because that is coming up (this Saturday)  I will be deactivating everything in the Etsy shop on Friday, so I can take it all with me.  :)  Remember to pop in and use the celebration coupon code before then if you want anything!  Enter BIRTHDAY2012 at the end of the transaction and get 25% off your purchase!!

I am taking a vacay far away from my kids and hubby early in to visit the Master herself (Otterine/Brae)!!!!!  I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!  That doesn't even convey my excitement.....  I am STOKED.

Anyway, the week after I get back, the shop will be full again and I may even have new listings.  :)  But really, lets all hope that I don't have squat to put in there because I sold it all.  :D

And here >>>>>>>>>
is a sneak peek of the build I am working on.  :)

Couldn't leave you totally
hanging, could I?!!


  1. I'm so going to demand that you call me Master during your whole stay. Haaaaaaaaaaaa! XD Looking forward to being ladies who lunch!

    1. Yes, Master. (Said in my best Igor impersonation.) I might even limp a little for you. :D

  2. Wow how wonderful! I'm a HUGE fan of Brae's work too, isn't she incredible!!! I'm so sorry to hear the sad news of your family's loss and your illness. I hope you are feeling much better for your trip and pumped, ready to go!!
    Have a wonderful time! All the best with your mini sales!
    Hugs, Mins xx

    1. Me, too! And my opinion is in no way biased by her being my best friend. ;) Thank you and I am feeling MUCH better-thank goodness. I am SO pumped.

  3. Great to hear you're feeling better and sorry to hear you hit a rough patch. Have fun at the show and good luck!

    Try not to freeze yer rear off up here in October . I'm sure you'll be having too much fun to even notice (still bring heavy socks) ;)

  4. How exciting about your show and getting to visit with Brae! Have the best time at both!!! :)

  5. Good luck at the fair, Lyssa. Hope you sell everything. Also, have a lovely visit with Brae! It sounds like so much fun, you two girls getting together!


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