Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birthday Sale!

Since I just listed all that new stuff in my shop, there has to be SOMETHING you want, right?  Well now is the time to get it!!!  September is my birthday month and for the next four weeks, if you buy something from my shop and use coupon code  birthday2012 then you will get a whopping 25% off your total purchase.  This includes custom orders, too!

A happy birthday to me, is a happy birthday to YOU!

The sale ends at 12:00pm EST on Friday, September 28th.  Get your goods while the gettin's good!


  1. A very happy birthday to you Lyssa!

  2. Happy birthday, Lyssa! Thank you for the great offer--I'll be stalking your shop for the next few weeks! ;-) xo Jennifer

  3. Yeah Happy B-day and giving us all a 25% off gift too! Now to go peek...


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