Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Painting, painting, painting.... and packing?

I feel like I should change the name of the blog sometimes.  :D  Especially when my other work, freelance painting, starts taking over all my *free* time!  I just finished a commission and sent it off yesterday, and I also contracted another one, plus two tattoo designs.  Then, on top of that, I am working on making decorations for Charlie's birthday party.  It is Land Before Time themed and there isn't really a great selection of decorations for it.  So I am hand drawing/painting the dinosaurs from the movie. And I will make some treestars AND a felt stegosaurus to play a game.

Then, lets mix a move into that mess.  Oi!!!  My head hurts.  But the new house will allow more room for all the family members and move my studio back into climate controlled conditions.

There has been some mini stuff happening, and I am thinking about doing another giveaway- because I love them.  And I have started the early steps of the Creatin' Contest Build 2012 for HBS.  :)  I am eager to do that one.

Posting might slow down a bit whilst I am a headless chicken, but I promise to stop in and update.

Remember to vote for Brae!!!  Or one of the others, but I lobby for her, specifically.  :D


  1. Eeeeeee! Those dinosaurs are fab! You're a talented artist, my friend. And, thanks for the plug. ;]

  2. Great paintings and artwork!!!


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