Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspired loneliness...

This week I started potty training my youngest son, which meant that I was bound to the house without adult contact.  Oh so sad.  He is doing well though, which is nice.  So, out of this loneliness, came two new works of art for the etsy shop.

Digging around in my craft room, I came across some watercolor pencils and thought they would be nice to play with and make some dollhouse art.  Boy howdy, did they deliver!!!  So, here is what boredom, a bit of loneliness and some mascato wine produced:

 I cut them out and decided that the brown one needed a white matte border and that the sunset and tree would look great as panel art....

After cutting out and matting, I made a frame for the brown painting.  After it was assembled, I put it painted it Slate Grey by Americana and then used a Chartpack wood crafter marker on it.  I used the Black Walnut color (my favorite) and it gave it a sort of cool brown color.  It didn't stain over all the grey, either, and I think that gives a really unique look to the frame that fits the painting really well.

As you can see in my hand, it is rather large and much bigger than what I usually do.  I intended this to be an over-the-sofa piece of art and I think it is perfectly suited for that.

Here, you can see it in my Orchid and the amount of space it takes up on the wall.  I really love this piece of art!  I think I might have to recreate it in life size for my actual house at some point.  :)

Here is the sunset and tree painting cut up into its panels.

James suggested that each piece get it's own white frame.  I really like the results of that.  The other thing I did different this time, is that I put *glass* in the frames, using thin acrylic sheeting left over from my Fling build last year.  These small panels are also *laminated* with a single piece of packing tape.

Here is the panel art with one frame, side by side.

And here they are all framed and glassed.

And this is how they would look on the wall.  I really like it!

Both paintings will be available in my etsy shop within the next 24 hours.  Look for more to come soon, as I really like the way the pencils come out in miniature.


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