Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tis the life of a mother...

I know I am supposed to be doing the giveaway tomorrow and that several of you are eagerly looking forward to what I have made... Issue: My camera seems to have wondered off! This presents a problem for both posting update pictures on items being made for the Highland and for the Etsy shop, along with letting you get a glimpse at the giveaway loot. Darn it!

We have also managed to come down with a nasty bug in the last few days and it has my entire family feeling like something that got stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Not fun.

So, in fairness to competitors, I will be AGAIN extending the giveaway. Perhaps until Valentine's Day? I will do the drawing on Valentine's Day, which should be a nice reward for those of you that would otherwise not be getting anything (chocolates and flowers).

Here's to hoping I can find that little piece of technology!

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