Saturday, February 5, 2011

Found it! See what the giveaway is!!!

This post won't be nearly as enthusiastic as it should be, since I am still fighting off a NASTY cold.


I finally found my camera, lost in the bottom of an interior pocket of the diaper bag. I swear, when you have kids, everything you own should have a clapper location beacon thing on it.

Anyway, this means that I can finally show you the last three things I did for the 31 Days of Etsy challenge AND I can show you the goodies for the giveaway. Hooray!

So, I went on a shabby binge at the end of the month and made and ottoman, chair and journal. They match the pillows in the giveaway!

I also got a new photo editing software and it is producing some nice results. I would still LOVE to take pictures like Ann, but these make me happy enough.

See them below:

All of these can be found at my Etsy shop now.

And, now, what you all have been waiting for! The items for the giveaway! Enter through February 13th, I will do the drawing on the 14th and announce the winner. :)

Items are a shabby hutch in white and yellow, two shabby pillows, 3 original pieces of art, 3 books and marble bowl.



  1. Hi Lyssa your minis are so beautiful,I would love to participate in your lovely giveaway! Mini regards.

  2. Felicidades por tu sorteo,que cositas más preciosas sorteas, me gustaría participar,ya estas en mi blog.Besos.

  3. Holy mother of giveaways! Its a bonanza! lol

    For taking pictures, my biggest and easiest tip is to take it with natural filtered lighting (filtered meaning, not in direct sunlight, as it makes the shadows too harsh).

    Also, what software are you using? I can send you some tutorials!

    Lastly, hope you get well soon darlin!

  4. Thank you to all of you!

    It IS a bonanza! I got a bit carried away making stuff for it. :) Oh well! I'm a giver at heart.

    You like the shout out for love there? Thanks for the tip. I am using Roxio Easy Media Create. Something James found laying around in the office at the shop.

    I hope I get over this soon. Being sick is the pits and I hate being all cooped up!

  5. Que sorteo más bonito! me encantaría participar! te enlazo en mi blog.
    un saludo..ani

  6. I don't know how I missed this post! Thank you for inviting me over- what a wonderful give-away-I really love the paintings! Please include my name-thank you :) I love the chair and footstool you have made- especially the lace edging!

  7. Que coisas mais bonitas!!!!!, o seu sorteio esta maravilhoso, gostaria de participar. Vou colocar o link no meu blog.

  8. que preciosidades, ya tienes una nueva seguidora, me han gustado mucho tus trabajos, me encantaria participar en tu sorteo ahora lo pongo en mi blog, gracias, besos.

  9. Es un regalo precioso, muy generoso de tu parte, me encantaria poder ganar esos maravillosos cuadros, tienen mucho arte,no imagino cuanto trabajo te habra costado hacerlo y por lo tanto cuanto has disfrutado,, espero haber llegado a tiempo, me apuntas a tu sorteo por favor??? muchos besos y muchas gracias

  10. This does seem like the giveaway bonanza! Would love to be a part of it Lyssa, found my way to your blog from the Greenleaf forum and have to say it's been quite enjoyable. =)

  11. Me gustan muchisimo tus trabajos!!! me gustaria participar en el sorteo y tener alguna cosita tuya!!

  12. GUAU¡¡¡ casi no llego a tiempo¡¡ felicidades por tus regalos, son realmente preciosos,un beso¡ Angeles

  13. Your minis are very very nice.
    Please, count me in your giveaway.I hope to win.


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