Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coming together, Country shabby

Before the new year, I had made a kitchen counter out of card stock and foam core board.  I had mentioned to you all that I was going to paint it a country blue, with white counter top.  Here is the end result before I made the sink:

It still needs a curtain for the shelving, but I have yet to find a print
that I both like and is in scale.  Something flowery...or with butterflies.
The handles are from Houseworks, but the oven pull is built from scratch.
Efficiency stove top!
Quick placement and glance through the window.

The next step was to make the sink and get some hardware for it.  Who knew that I would have a faucet jangling around in my drawer of mini things...  I had made some shelving to go into the kitchen, too, but one was a little tall.  The shelving behind the sink is what I cut off.  It is just big enough to be a supply shelf there.  :)  I will probably cut the ends down though and round them off.
It came together so wonderfully!
Close up of the not perfect sink.  It cracked upon installation, but I used
Brae's perfect-mitre technique to fix the issues.  

And now, everything is in there!  Hoorah!  Accessories have been added and there is still more to come.  I want this kitchen to be full. Overcrowded.  Homey.  

I think it's off to a pretty good start.  :D


  1. La cocina es hermosa, buen trabajo!
    Un abrazo

  2. Oh my goodness... that is darling! I am working on a barbie house... and I have a sink/stove cabinet area that I'm currently working on. I hope mine turns out as cute as yours! :-)

  3. How brilliant your kitchen counter looks - well done. You have a lovely blog.

    Warm Regards

  4. Cute cute cute!
    I doubt I will EVER finish MY kitchen!
    Yours looks great!

  5. So sweet! Once all the accessories are in place, it will be such fun!

  6. Looks so good! How did you do the faucet or did you buy it made?

  7. It actually came on another sink that I had and I sorta ripped it off. :) You could probably make them from wire and wood though.


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