Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mini time Again!

I got through the wedding and Christmas and finally got some time to mini!  Hooray!  I have missed it so much.

Yesterday, I worked on the bedroom in the Orchid.  Painted and installed baseboards, redid the furniture, dressed the bed and threw in some accessories.  Today, I made some pillows for the window seat and trimmed up the window and unsightly areas.  Nice to be back at it again!

I love this shot alongside the bed.

Want a small country side table to the left of the bed, for a drink, place to set a book
and a pair of glasses.  

Going to put a small basket of linens under this side table.

Hamper will go to the right of this dresser.

This bed was fun to dress.  I made the mattress from directions
from Kris at 1inchminis

I can see cast off shoes and a pair of slippers living in this corner.
I plan on making something to go around the stair hole and a hamper needs to be made.  I am also going to get some shoes.... I want this house to be full of purchases and gifts from friends.  Pictures and such need to go up, too.  :)

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