Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful Food

In the only spare time I had to do minis, I made a Thanksgiving spread for James' mom for her birthday. Since James' puts no thought into this occasion outside of myself and the kids, I feel like I have to do eXtRa for him. :)

I would have liked to make pretty dishes and a table, but I only had a tiny bit of time!

So, there is a turkey with carrots and garnish, cranberry sauce- both from the can and from scratch, green bean casserole, bread, butter, carrots, baked potato, apple pie, Christmas cake, mashed potatoes and an apple.  There wasn't time for sweet potatoes.  :(

Without further adieu:
 Cranberry sauce
 bread and casserole
 Bread-looks good enough to eat.  :)
 Turkey looks totally yummy.
 Cook forgot to cut off all the string.



  1. FANTASTIC!!! You are a food making genius! It all looks so wonderful!

  2. The food looks wonderful. I love the turkey and pie.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Me encanta lo que has hecho.¿Me podrĂ­as dar alguna sugerencia sobre como hacer un pollo asado como el tuyo? me gustarĂ­a hacerlo pero no se por donde empezar, saludos.

  4. Mmmmmm! Everything looks so fantastic! Yummy! I'm so glad I found your sweet blog today! :-)


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