Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Modern Paper Becomes Checkered Floor!

For the gallery, I wanted to do a floor that was really unique downstairs. I liked the idea of tile, but didn't have a whole lot to work with. The studio and supply room both had the grey Greenleaf vinyl tiles in them that I grouted with colored joint compound(I used a sandwich bag and a cake icing tip).

So after a lot of puttering around in my craft room looking at all the supplies I have, I came across these two papers: black with silver circles and blue with black circles. From there, a star gallery was born! The papers that you will will find throughout the gallery are the corresponding wallpapers to the ones used for the floor.

I first laid them over the tile like so, glued down with Aileene's and then scored the paper to match the lines of the tile.

To create a random floor pattern, I made sure to twist some of the squares around so things wouldn't line up too much. The edge ones could not be used, since they were slightly larger. Even though they come already sticky, I glued them down with a bit of Aileene's just to make sure they wouldn't shift around. I trimmed tiles to fit just like you would any other floor you were doing.

After the entire floor was covered, I then sealed the entire thing with 3 coats of Modge Podge Glossy. Here is the final result: A totally fun, art deco floor! Perfect for a gallery!


  1. A lot of effort but it turned out big results! Great job! I love this floor, especially for an art gallery. You've got a great eye for this kind of decorating, and I hope your dream of having your own gallery and learning studio comes true someday (sooner rather than later). :D

  2. Thanks, Brae! No, to figure out how to have this floor in the real thing!


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