Wednesday, January 19, 2011

51 followers to read this doozey...

Wow! 51 people interested in what I have to say! Or, at least 51 people that check in just to see pictures of my funtabulous work! :) Either way, woohoo!

Welcome to the new people, Golden Unicorn Miniatures, Minnie Kitchen, Eli en Karina, Val, ~MiniMaker and Snowfern. I suspect a few, if not all, of you will be seen in other places (TeamMIDS!! and CDHM). Please go visit the bogs of the new followers. Beautiful mini's of nature's finest await you at GUM; go drool over yummy zero calorie food in the Minnie Kitchen; fabulous things await you with ~MiniMaker's small obsession and Cindy has wonderful things at Snowfern Clover.

Now. I have a mighty post for you all! Some mini and some not, and I think, partly because of my fabulous mood lately and partly for 50 followers, I am wanting to do a giveaway!

So, where to start? I guess the Etsy stuff is a good a place as any. I am still doing the Etsy challenge and some days, it is really hard to crank out that piece! Which is why you end up with things like:

but other times, I didn't seem as pressed for time and came up with some cool things:

as well as my signature paintings:

Why so pressed for time, you ask? Woowee, I am smack in the middle of planning a wedding, too! :D Oh happy day! Add that to my already full days and a couple new friendships and it has been hard to get mini time. Rats! So, I have sacrificed a bit of sleep.

Here is a sneak peek at my dress (I am making/altering it myself!) So far, this dress has cost me $6. Seriously!

I have to figure out time stuff anyway because I will be starting a babysitting job on Monday that will require me to be up early and probably down early. Looks like I will have to make some stuff ahead of time!

I am also planning on participating in the craft festival here at the end of the year, and that means creating a sizable inventory. I'll be able to pull what is on Etsy for that, but I will need much, much more!

Thinking about this brought about the urge to paint the Coventry. I wasn't really happy with the original color scheme for some reason. I love the pineapple yellow, but maybe not for THIS house. I needed a color scheme that was flattering to the design and to the eyes of parents and children alike. I needed colors that would sell!

I went with a pale pink with hyacinth, chocolate and winter white trimmings. THIS I am happy with!!! I plan to finish up all the edgings and then sell it unfurnished since I will have plenty of furnishings to choose from (some specific to that house). It still needs the original grouting done on the tile and some cosmetics here and there.... this was the first house I ever did and I was too excited about having a dollhouse to do it properly. Now, taking all that I have learned from the miniature community, I hope to turn it into a beauty worthy of a little girl's smile on Christmas morning. :) I will also be making a few other houses and room boxes for the festival (Orchid, Glencroft, quarter scale village, several room boxes and *hopefully* a half scale something!) I will mostly concentrate on furnishings and accessories though, since they can be given as suitable gifts to anyone, whether they have a dollhouse or not. My easel and artist set could be perfect for an artist at Christmas! I will also include a magnet strip with the mini paintings so they can be used as decorative fridge magnets and miniature art. :) Now, for eye candy!!! Enjoy some pictures of the *new* Coventry Cottage. It's just the outside of it for now. I will show interior pics when I get it a bit more cleaned up. This post would have been much more detailed, but as I may have mentioned, I am pressed for time!!! And burning dinner!!!


  1. Yay! You're updating!

    Some thoughts while reading your post:
    -Congrats on the 50 followers! and.. woohooo! A giveaway.. can't wait to see what it is! I'm going to have one in a few weeks as well.. to celebrate the challenge being done and over with LOL
    -LOVE the dress! I never asked, when is the big day? (I need to make you a lovely wedding gift!) And only $6? WOW.. I have a friend who spent $10k on her dress @_@
    -Congrats on the baby sitting job!
    -I'm excited to hear that you'll be vendoring at the craft fair! I'm looking into doing a show too.. thinking about it makes me nervous.. and excited. This should be good blog posts for the both of us!
    -Your CC looks sooo much better with the new colors! I do also like the yellow, but I agree with you, it didn't look that good on the CC. I think its because the cottage is very whimsical-like and yellow is too much of a "normal" house color and it just didnt go with the character of the house. I was able to pull it off on my CC with the green because I killed off all the fancy trims lol.

  2. Ann! I suck. Apparently, I took off the "tell me that people posted" option and I was feeling all sad that nobody was loving on me... LOL.

    Please envision me as very teensy weensy (144th scale) with a very bright red face staring at my shoes.... :)

    I have to get cracking on this giveaway!!! I haven't even made it yet!!!!

    Wedding is 12/18/2011. VERY excited and nearly done planning. :)

    Baby sitting job and family birthday weekend has knocked me off on the challenge. I will fix that tonight I think.

    Perhaps I should use the yellow on the Washington?


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