Saturday, June 30, 2012

Skeleton Tree

As you all know, I am working on a top secret _______________ for the HBS Creatin' Contest.  A major part of the feel of this build is the landscaping, and by landscaping, I mean TREES!  I wandered and scoured the internet for ideas.  I found some that looked like they would work, but they weren't realistic enough for me.  Then I checked ebay, and sure enough, you can buy them..... for $40.  I don't work with that kind of budget, so that wouldn't work for me. Then, LIGHTBULB!  I am best friendly friends with one of the most realistic miniaturists out there!  So, bingity bing bing, I contacted Brae and she told me to track down and take a look at "Master Miniaturists Landscaping Primer," a DVD tutorial by Diane Myrick.  Awesome!  

So, obviously, Brae,  needing a tree for the Haunted Heritage, suggested that we do and debut together.  What a treat for you all, eh?  Do make sure that you swing by her blog and check out the tree she made to loom over Grandma's rickety old mansion.  :)  Right now, we both only have the skeleton.  It will get it's second step late tonight, and after drying time, we may show you more!

For now, may I present "Skeletor" aka, my tree. I plan on having something a little more svelte, like a birch, while she will probably have something more hefty, like a maple or live oak.  I used 24 pieces of white floral wire and had to take his picture in front of the computer monitor with some fabric over it so you could see him.  He doesn't show up too well against my white walls.  :D  Not counting the builders foam base, "Skeletor" is 18" tall and nearly 15" across the widest point.  The next step will include some putty, carving and painting.  Then we are on to foliage.  It's summer time at the ___________________.  Thanks, Pea, for the information and sorta team build.  :)


  1. Aw, you're welcome, Pea! :D You're doing great! It's going to be a marvelous birch!

  2. Skeletor is going to be awesome and when you make it, it'll be exactly as you want in terms of size etc. Have fun, and I look forward to watching both trees evolve :)

  3. Nice start, I really like the shape.


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